Justin sometimes makes personal visits to writing groups to share information about his writing process.

Below are some of the things people are saying about his visits:

"You have been our best guest so far. After you left, we all talked about how inspiring you are. We were all talking at the same time and I think you have us all working hard on our own projects in the way you have so that we, too, can meet with success."

-Judy Kelly, Leader, Rockville Writers Group, Rockville, MD

"It was wonderful to have you and I learned a great deal. It's always special when you can see and hear from someone who has done it and was encouraging and motivating. I can't say enough for all that you have done for our writing group."

-Danny You, Coordinator, Harvard Square Writing Group, Cambridge, MA

"We got some fantastic feedback from our members on your visit--I really cannot thank you enough for contributing your time and energy to answering our many questions. We couldn't have asked for a better author visit!"

-Jennifer Michael, Leader, Columbia Writers, Columbia, MD

If you'd like to schedule a visit to your writers' group, please email justin@justinkramon.com

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